Ops! Before You WhatsApp me

This is very important!
To everyone who sends his first messages to me, I congratulate you for reading my ad so well, reaching out and responding with some info about you, the list and type of services you would want to experience with me, including your meet up location preference with the date and time--thank you for making my life a lot easier!
Contact me via WhatsApp ➡️ +63995 375 8955
Or via Telegram app
It is important that you tell me where you got my contact/ ads for a stress free experience with me.
DM me and ask for my Telegram Public Channel and browse this website (to know more even without contacting me first) to verify my legitimacy. I'll help you tweak settings to see the contents on my channel (reading and browsing my pages here, you can also see how to tweak Telegram settings).
On your first messages, please send me your location and preferred meet up location, age for reference and nationality (country of origin)
Please know that, I don't show any racism among other nationalities! I expect you do just the same.
A Final Gentle Note:
Do check every bit of my ad before saving my contact number and Telegram username.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!
Please, understand that this my business and I do it my own way. This time, I prefer to set my boundaries because I don't have 24 hrs a day to chat and entertain anyone. You are however free to contact and to meet anyone you like to meet and take services from someone even if it's not me.
Have a nice day!