Let's Get to Know some Cool FACTS!
Q: Can I see your face photos?
A: You may via GET TO KNOW ME CALL or NO SEX DATE. Read on FAQ for more info. Ops! Yes, I send couple of face though it's with skin filter though I don't easily give in. My privacy is my utmost priority. You have a choice to contact girls with face shown rather TiNYGiRLPH ☺️
Though, lately I'm okay sending a clip and photo of my face, too but not too fast. Please bear in mind, there are also information I require from you. :)
Q: What if I'd ike to try you first before meeting you for longer hours?
A: Awesome! You've come to the right place! Explore pricing options above and on here on FAQ for some more surprises.
Q: Why there are tons of questions asked, words to read before the deal?
A: That is to quickly see if there's a match in us. You can easily say no of course after some READING. We don't need to chat and even meet just so get miserable later ;-)
Q: What is a discovery call?
A: This could be an initial call or the final one to discover, to connect or to even finalize our meet up and my SERVICES to make everything just a little similar to expectations. You'll tell me what you're looking for in specific and you may ask questions here. This can be scheduled or instant. Chat me first.
Q: Why it's not advisable to give you a call?
A: We do a scheduled discovery call for that. I don't call you, so don't call me unless we're scheduled on the same day.
Q: Why there's a +350 intercity travel fee?
A: Time is gold, isn't it? I'm based in Dubai & if you want me visit to your city, you can make it happen. I'd ride not a bus anymore but a taxi to yours! Well, at times I still do! :)
Q: Do you prepare condoms?
A: No. It's the client's to shoulder this time
Q: Do you swallow?
A: Nah. Only bare blowjob, cum in mouth and spit
Q: Do you allow and charge for golden showers?
A: Yes. Free from body up to waist, +Dh200 for breast, +Dh300 for face +Dh400 for my mouth. Absolutely FREE for giving!
Q: Do you do nuru massage?
A: No. However, I'm trained in relaxing swedish body massage, you'll get one free with 1k minimum spent above.
Q: Do you do couples?
A: Yep! I'd touch her breasts, I don't kiss a pussy, I'm a straight female. There's one incur +350 for additional woman, man or shemale.
Q: Can I see your naked body first online?
A: Yes! I have a subscription channel for as low as D100 (for 1week/ 200 for 1month / 250 for a no expiry access + BONUS of a free 5mins body verification videocall (naked, masked/faceless)
Q: Do you let yourself get filmed?
A: Why
not! To see fees, please see details on this ads especially the "UPDATED RATE" page!
Q: Do you do bare on sex?
A: No. Don't offer extra tips, won't work.
Q: What else are your DONT's?
A: Pls, see the entire ads for this. Check my "updated rates" page for more info :)
Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: No and YES! Loyalty is rewarded. On your 3rd meet up, get 20% off my REGULAR rates! Get special price of 30% off on the 5th onwards!
Q: Why is your rates a little higher than the lower end in the industry?
A: I know in my self that I am authentic and I don't come here to BS anyone. If you want to meet a buddy, a therapist (I am trained in relaxing Swedish Massage till date), someone you can talk to. Whether try me or you don't, I wish you truly find what you're looking for.
Q: Do you do cuckold?
A: Yes! I've done some in the past with a regular with black men. :)
Q: Do you do domination?
A: I do! I've done some sorts! Humiliation and physical pain. But I'm not your mistress, so don't call me one. That's an especialty I don't claim at all.
Q: Do you cater to footjob?
A: Yes! Don't expect my feet to the best. Don't ask for photos, too. This is not the main service I offer :)
Q: Do you have uniforms?
A: Yes! Two for now. Soon, I'll get more since I just came. I gladly accept costume gifts as well. :)
Q: I have more questions. What's the next step?
A: Please, book for a (discovery) voice call. Simply list down your questions & ask them all during the call. I'm easy as long as I'm free. :)
Q: I'd like to get to know you more! Do you do a casual (no sex talk) paid videocall?
A: Absolutely! It's 500, good for 12 hours for a GET TO KNOW ME CALL
Q: Do you have Amazon wishlist?
A: For sure! But I appreciate an ebook or a Udemy/ online course instead!
Q: Tell me more about this NO SEX DATE thing.
A: Date/ travel locally without sex available (6 hours and below➡️500⚪12 hrs➡️800⚪24 hrs ➡️1K
Can be your PA, personal shopper, your breakfast or tour joiner, brunch or dinner company, apprentice, buddy, massage therapist for an hour, listener, photographer/ videographer. Just tell me which beforehand. If you want sex (handjob/ oral, get intimate with me) my rates apply with 30% off my regular services!
DINNER WITH OR WITHOUT DRINKS in a decent restaurant / bar (No sex) -- 200 • 1hr | 300 • 2hr | 300 • 3hr
After or during IN-ROOM session (INCALL AND OUTCALL) drinks/ dinner companionship is offered for FREE-- depends if we still both have energy and time
Q: You seem to be talkative.
A: I know right. Show me we're equal, it'll be. Just pls, don't expect I'd be chatting 24/7, life will be easier.
Q: What's your working schedule? What's the last time you accept a booking?
A: Weekdays--late morning to 12 midnight
Weekends--midday to midnight
Do let me know if you like to arrange an earlier or later meet up beforehand ie day/s before the target date.
At least 2 hours advance notice is appreciated. Please, book 30 mins allowance for meet up time, ie, meet up time is 3pm, book for 2:30 so you will not be grumpy
INCALL is only AVAILABLE for RETURNING clients unless you're someone I can trust at first :)
❌ Please, do not call! You'll only definitely get disappointed! Call only when I advise you to or when we're set to meet on the same day. :-)
📌 If ever you notice that I'm slow to reply, my plate must be too full (I have a life & I do other stuff, too) or your messages are bit annoying and/ or vague.
🎉 You want to meet me but you wish you can afford? Collab with me! Ask me how via DM copying this line to get 20% off min spend of 600! Current promo rate included! Not a recording session!🥳