RATES (updated)

Enjoy my Black Friday Deal!
My location: Hotel in Barsha Heights (Tecom) DUBAI!
I visit Abu Dhabi/RAK on overnights. Dm me 🍻
I have a decent apartment room and can accommodate in Tecom - Barsha Heights in my hotel studio. Please know that this is a hotel and ID is required 
November RATES
(No-Sex Date is also available)
400 • 30min unli CIM 
500 • 1hr unli CIM 
700 • 2hr unli CIM 
 Full Service INCALL
(in Tecom)
500 • 30min •quickie 
600 • 1hr •3shots
800 • 2hr •3shots
1000 • 3-5 •3 shots + 1hr massage + 48hrs access to my private channel (promo)
+100 for outcalls for short time 30min, 1hr, 2h
Overnight PROMO!
1000 • overnight •2shots +1hr massage +48hr access to my private channel (promo) - incall/outcall
1300 • full night •unlimited - outcall + body massage + 48 hrs access to my private channel (promo)
1400 • full night •unlimited - outcall + body massage + 48 hrs access to my private channel (promo)
 Full Service OUTCALL
Taxi fees back and forth or pick and drop) to Tecom :)
+Dh200 unlimited
DINNER WITH OR WITHOUT DRINKS in any restaurant / bar (No sex) -- 200 • 1hr | 300 • 1-2hr | 400 • 4-5hr
After or during IN-ROOM session (INCALL AND OUTCALL) drinks/ dinner companionship is offered for FREE-- depends if we still both have energy and time
+ Hala Taxi back and fort or pick and drop (outcalls)
✨Rates could increase in the following months without prior notice ✨
Monday to Sunday
11m to 11pm • 1-2 hours flexible
Last booking and confirmation at 11pm
Do note that if you want to meet early in the morning, you better notify and confirm it to me day before or at least in the evening
P.S. Please have non-dotted condoms for outcalls 
🎉 You want to meet me but still not salary week yet?
Just DM. Rates for a low as Dh29 or go for non expiry with BONUS of a free 5mins body verification videocall (not a play) for lifetime access and enjoy your privilege of requesting for a content, position you like from me to be uploaded on the channel (naked, masked/faceless)
Not ready to meet in person yet? See more of me in a more intimate way! I got videos and photos inside! Masked/ partial face. 29AED!
Would you like to view some photos and clips samples? Check my Telegram Public Channel out for free though you should not use UAE simcards.
Now, Let's talk more about the OFFER!
Q: Do you offer discounts?
A: No and YES! Loyalty is rewarded. On our 2nd meet up, get 5% off; 3rd meet up, get 10% off my REGULAR rates! Get special price of 15% off on the 5th onwards! 20% on 10th meet up and above! 🔥
✓ FREE golden shower if you are keen (with restrictions/ with $ tag on certain areas) FREE on giving
✓ 15mins FREE Swedish body massage on minimum purchase of Dh800 and 1 hour FREE Swedish body massage on minimum spend of 1000! 5min back massage on min spend of 600! 
Full service in all options (Handjob/ Bare BJ/ protected sex)
✓ Condom on sex
✓ rimming under the shower
✓ 69 after shower
✓ With CIM spit, BBBJ (cum in mouth, spit, bare BJ)
✓Accommodation + food for *longer sessions* 
✓ Shower together or separately on the venue (excluded on the time paid unless you start to touch me in the shower)
❌ No bargain on sex without condom
❌ Bare sex, cream pie, extreme sub/dom. I can play with a girl but I don't taste a pussy yet 
✓ Early notice is much appreciated! Book and confirm at least 1-3hrs to avoid disappointments. Set meet up time 30mins earlier as an allowance
✓ I do virgins, but not 17 years old. I do 60 and above
✓ It's important that my clients read and follow instruction
✓ Send me an INTRO on your first message. I have a job to do, you have a job to do. We're both human
Wait, is there any extra charge?
No, not really as I have covered almost everything here! Just, please take note of the rates published as I try to make it as clear and transparent as possible. But in case you have any question, don't hesitate!
Wait. My hotel, not me charges 100 if you stay here until 12midnight or come at midnight. Just so you know.
For long sessions ie 3hrs and up, we, Filipinos love to snack!  No need to be fancy!
Q: Do you do couples (threesome)?
A: Yep! I'd touch her breasts and even lick, share a bj and kiss though I don't kiss a pussy, I'm a straight female.
Couple meet up will incur +Dh300 (MMF/ FFM). *Third wheel comes from you.
Video/ recording with additional fee/ masked (+Dhs200 using my phone & +Dhs300 using your phone/cam)
Q: Do you allow and charge for golden showers?
A: Yes. Free from body up to waist, +Dh100 for breast, +Dh200 for face +Dh300 for my mouth. Absolutely FREE for giving!
Get-to-Know-Me Videocall
Q: I'd like to get to know you more! Do you do a casual (no sex talk) paid videocall?
A: Absolutely! It's Dh500, good for 12 hours for a GET TO KNOW ME VCALL
B. Chat only -- 24 hours chat anytime • casual or sweet chat or naughty --- 500
Q: Tell me more about this NO SEX DATE thing
A: Date/ travel locally without sex available (6 hours and below➡️500⚪12 hrs➡️800⚪24 hrs ➡️1K
If you want sex (handjob/ oral, get intimate with me) my rates apply with
30% off my regular services!
And yes, I'm an independent lady from Manila, Philippines!
GFE, PSE, rimming under the shower, cunnilingus /69 after shower, BJ CIM, BBBJ-CIM, golden showers, passionate sex/ vanilla sex, companionship, listening/convo, virgin first time experience, role play, MMF/FFM threesome, camshow and private contents on Telegram, prostate massage, cuckold with your bull, footjob [but pls don't ask for photos of my feet], etc (ask me for other services in mind)
Squirting, anal, fingering with bare hands (use condom), cuckold creampie with a bull, intense sub/ slaves, non-hygienic activities, giving light domination is okay, no condom sex, rough fingering with long nails, swallow, taking substance, brown showers, I don't lick a pussy yet
Last booking confirmation and schedule • 11pm (max of 2 hr session duration at 11pm schedule)
Please, understand that I need an early notice of about 1-3 hours prior to meet up.
You can also get the privilege of blocking a schedule by sending a deposit via PYYPL, PAYIT card [free using debit card transfer] as for now) or PayPal. I got UAE banks now, too.
You can also use this to send cash/ payment to me on the meet up day so you don't have to worry about bringing cash outside/ my place.
To join me on a cam or telegram private channel app, I'll send an invoice via email. So prepare your dummy email to if you want to. I'm so bad ay remembering names and email addresses and even your bank accounts so don't worry! I am too occupied  with a lot of things I do. And yes and I'm ADD + (ADHD), an INTP & I am not an escort to scam, hack or seduce anyone! I believe in hard work and transparency.
Contents subscription to see a bit of me naked and sexy with vids (Dh 29 for 12 hrs, Dh 49 for 48 hrs, 100 for 1week, Dh150 for 1 month, 200 for non expiry with bonus of a cam verification - no play -- and free to request contents for lifetime access subs on Telegram app)
Get up to 5min verification live video of my body (body only) for non expiry subscription--no play or show.
Click here!
You'll be in contact with me personally on a call to answer all your questions so that I can give you the best services with outstanding customer service you deserve by avoiding unnecessary long chats that drains me from head to toe daily even before the actual meet up!
I believe that my customer deserve better than these long chats online for I am a better companion in the physical while it's not just all about the physical fun but also I'm like a friend by your side in person. Bet on me. :-)
You're welcome to get to know me more by checking me on my website and see here my IG, Telegram, Whatsapp.
Don't like to read and prefer to chat with me 24 hours a day?
Don't worry! I only accept 2-5% of potential clients to meet! 95% or more of them usually end up meeting other ladies, and it's all good! Spare me some headache (I'm not 24hrs online and I tend to do other stuff, too. With a valid reason, I practice my rights to avoid number of people and even to block few as well if I notice that you're too upset with life and want to pass it on to me).
And...I respect if we don't match or you prefer a totally different person to meet. It's all fair.
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