This TiNY Filipina is annoying AF to chat with

Yes, I'm fully aware. My sales will be affected and stay the same by 95% less!
Sometimes I want to regret this.
But this is me and this is how I gain trust deep within -- the most important person I know so far. This is part of me owning me, trusting me by this person I neglected for ages!
In this old career with new touch to it, I am tapping to possibilities of meeting people with great minds and surrounding myself with people who contribute to my growth while limiting the opposites. Double fun, yeah?
By the way, I'll add here my lifetime subscribers on my Telegram Private Channel account where I upload my adult contents on a solo or with a partner. You guessed it right, I'll be uploading previous and upcoming contents here on the website in the near future! And this will be accessed by the subscribers only.
To DXB clients, westerners, and to westernized Asians,
I'm sorry but you'll have to like me for who I am ☺️
99% of you will surely hate me this time around. I know but I get to meet the 1% of you.
Now, how lucky I am to get to meet the rarity of you! 🤍