To help you proceed or walk away. Read this!

This is to help you decide to meet me. See photo.
✅know the value of time because you
✅believe that a real person isn't afraid of a phone call to make real transaction
✅you make a booking and don't think twice & change plan when you wake up in the morning
✅are into good vibes only
✅paying for extra services like golden shower above waist
✅bringing third wheel from your side (+300 on 3s)
✅looking to join my private channel with nudes and clips for FREE (48hr) + body massage when you spend 1K minimum
Same in the photo btw if you can't view it.....
✅into tiny slim girls, small boobs
✅curious & interested enough for my short company
✅into unlimited BJ and cum in mouth
✅into body massage for FREE on minimum spend of 800
✅into getting slow or rough orals
✅with appreciation for giving early notice
✅fine giving ID to security for incalls (hotel's policy)
✅ready to give me a call or I call your mobile anytime before a meet up to confirm an appointment to avoid annoying long chats
✅looking for a fast hassle free booking when you know how to communicate well and respect ladies and her rules
This one is to help you decide to walk away. See photo x
❌looking for extra
rough sex involving poppers
❌too drunk to meet & cum & be sane to decide for appointment
❌paranoid visiting my hotel apartment and giving ID to security
❌allergic to shower before we have sex
❌in a hurry looking for instant booking
❌addicted to giving rough orals thinking all ladies are the same
❌looking for brown showers & toys
❌in search for receiving extreme pain & professional mistress
❌easily get angry when I block you if I feel you're messing around
❌not being yourself & making up stories to make you feel hot, rich, strong & handsome
❌into a lot of drama
❌trying to seduce me by tricking that you want to leave your partner for me
❌telling me your romantic relationship problems
❌telling me you're looking a regular to meet weekly just to get discounts
❌too bored in life & you think I'm from tinder
❌mistaken that I'm bored too & need a long romantic virtual chatter
Same in the photo btw if you can't view it.....
❌into busty women with big boobs & ass & bellies
❌faking a deal & being a chicken to do a phone call with me & asking me "What for? We're not going for a marriage."
❌looking for face photos (I offered my Private Channel at an affordable price for you to jerk off or to see if you like to proceed meeting me or not by seeing more of me there intimately)
❌looking for someone to call you dear, baby, babe, darling, sweetheart, honey, etc
❌making a booking but you wake up and you got no more balls in the morning to proceed
❌making a booking and cancel without cancellation notice beforehand
❌not able to confirm a booking several times before the day & time of of appointment
Hope this helps! ♥️
Don't be mad 😏🤭